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Bellwether Perth CBD is a financial planning and advisory service based in Perth, Western Australia.

We offer trusted financial and lifestyle planning solutions to help guide you through life’s challenges and opportunities, bring order to your finances, and help you make smart decisions that will help you achieve results.

At Bellwether, our services are based on a total understanding of your personal circumstances, beliefs and principles. We provide a personalised approach every time and we deliver on our promises. We’re beside you every step of the way, working with you to find the best solutions.



At Bellwether, our financial advisors specialise in the following areas of advice:

Superannuation & Retirement Planning

Superannuation funds are one of the most effective ways to build wealth, and over the last decade the presence of self-managed super funds (SMSF’s) have been on the rise.

With this growth comes stricter regulations and legislation which is where Bellwether Financial Group can assist. With a little planning, you can make a big difference to your superannuation and retirement outcome.
There are a number of strategies you can engage to increase the balance of your savings and optimise your income stream for retirement.

There are many things to consider about life in retirement, such as;

  • Where you would like to live when you retire
  • Whether you want to travel
  • If you want to keep your vehicle
  • If you’d like to join in any social groups
  • If you’d like to do any volunteer work

Our financial specialists can help guide you and offer advice and strategies most appropriate for you, such as;

  • Tax risk management practices and approaches and personal after-tax contributions
  • Provide strategies to enhance wealth transfers into SMSF’s from businesses, trusts and individuals
  • Shifting foreign retirement benefits into Australia
  • Recommendations on asset purchase opportunities and other transactions and whether they are allowed through superannuation
  • Setting up arrangements to allow SMSF’s to borrow and invest
  • Minimising tax and managing cash flows for family trusts
  • Setting up a structured plan to reduce tax on death benefit payments
  • Working together to help prepare SMSF accounts, tax returns, pension documentation and other superannuation related paperwork for our clients.
  • Personal Risk (Insurance) Management
  • Transitioning to retirement income

Estate Planning

Estate planning is about putting the right foundations in place to make sure your assets are distributed the way you want, in an effective way, and involves much more than a simple Will.

Although having a valid will is important, an estate plan covers aspects that relate to the transfer if your assets after you pass away. An estate plan manages family trusts, power of attorney, and the tax implications for beneficiaries. Estate planning has become more important due to the increase in blended families who have more complex family structures.

Estate plans can help your beneficiaries avoid difficulties and disagreements that may arise when discussing your assets by:

  • Specifying the amount of ownership and control each of your beneficiaries has over assets
  • Reduce the tax payable on the income and capital gains earned on assets, and
  • Ensure your assets are protected if the beneficiary is involved in any legal difficulties such as divorce or bankruptcy.

Ensuring your future and those closest to you is financially secure go far beyond planning for retirement.

Your estate is made up of everything that you own. It can include your home, your savings, investments you’ve made, your cheque account, car/s and furniture. To put it simply, any assets you have that you want to pass on is included in your estate plan. You can include charities or other organisations in your plan. Something to note is superannuation and insurance proceeds do not automatically become part of your estate, so they require extra planning on your behalf.

Here are five steps to assist with estate planning:

  1. Make a will and keep it up to date
  2. Set up a Binding Death Benefit nomination or Non-lapsing Death Benefit nomination for your super
  3. Nominate a beneficiary for your life insurance outside super
  4. Understand the tax consequences of how your assets are distributed
  5. Appoint an enduring Power of Attorney (PoA)


Wealth Creation

Wealth creation is your accumulation of assets, especially those that generate income, over a long period of time. You may ask yourself, ‘does wealth creation mean I have to work hard until the day I retire?’

Bellwether Financial Group will help show you how to stop working for your money and how you can make your money start working for you. We will help you to implement a reliable and realistic wealth creation plan that will give you the independence of a secure financial future.

  • A wealth creation plan helps you to:
  • Identify your financial goals
  • Make realistic investments
  • Follow a money management plan

Five steps to building your wealth:

  1. Know your financial starting point
  2. Clear your credit card debt
  3. Sort out your super
  4. Consider getting financial advice
  5. Plan your investments


Credit Advice & Cash Flow Management

The key to long term survival of your business is effectively managing your cash flow. Once you are able to do this, you will find you can maintain enough working capital to survive through the off-peak phases of your business. Your future spending decisions and the direction your business is likely to take, is impacted by your cash flow. To ensure you are making the right decisions in line with your cash flow, keep up to date with the developments in your business.

Tracking your cash flow can help you monitor when you have money coming in and money going out of your business. This will help you to see when you have extra cash available or when you are likely to experience shortages in cash flow. Monitoring your cash flow can also help distinguish warning signs to avoid future financial problems.

If you are looking to increase your sales and customer base, why not consider an advertising campaign? Social media and digital marketing channels like a website, can promote your product/s/services in an effective way.

Late payments can hurt any small business, so you might want to consider tightening your terms of credit. There are measures you can put in place to avoid issues with late, or no, payments of debts.

Monitoring your stock levels by adjusting the quantity and timing of stock purchases can help to coincide with your high cash flow periods.

Keep your outgoing payments to a minimum to ensure you have effective cash flow management.

Many business owners can find it difficult to understand their businesses finances. You can improve your skills by seeking expert advice from an accountant or financial business advisor. It can help you to improve cash flow management and your finances, particularly if you are in the early stages of your business.

At Bellwether Financial Group we can assist with small to medium business cash flow management strategies and help you effectively apply these to your business.


Redundancy Planning

With our range of skills, we are able to assist you to:

  • Make the right decisions about how to best deal with the payments you receive for your particular circumstances
  • Structure your redundancy, annual leave, long service leave and other payments in the most tax effective way
  • Design strategies to manage cash flow needs while out of work
  • Apply for Centrelink benefits and other Government support, while looking for a new role
  • Re-evaluate your superannuation options
  • Review your insurance requirements to protect you and your family
  • Prepare a claim – if your previous employer has gone into administration and/or liquidation without paying your salary and other wage benefits


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